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The playwright, William Shakespeare, once said, “All the World’s a Stage.” That is certainly true for women in business and Entrepreneurs. Every day we are on stage – and that stage can be a meeting, an interaction with a client, phone call, email, or networking event. A stage can also be an introduction, a speech,…

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I’ve been thinking about the concept of inspirational stories and pondering questions like: What makes something more, or less, inspiring than something else? Why are people inherently drawn to stories of inspiration? What do people actually mean when they utter the words, “That was so inspiring!” after hearing a talk or reading a book? I…

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Guest post provided by: Sandra Garcia, Conscious Public Relations, Inc. Do you know why you are communicating something? It’s been a year and four months since I came up with the idea of “Conscious PR.” I had gone through a very interesting personal journey in 2011 in which I was torn between the image I…

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We all have a unique personal story that influences who we are and motivates us to do the work we do. Let’s take some time, right now, to recall why you are in your chosen business in the first place… whether you are a therapist, coach, consultant, or healer. (pause for reflection) I believe that…

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