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What you do and what you offer are two different things. Knowing there is a difference between what you do and what you offer is one thing, and understanding that difference, is an entirely different thing. (Confusing or what!) Let me explain. Understanding what business are you actually in is essential to answering the question about what you offer versus what you do. (Hint: you…

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New York Times journalist Rob Walker hypothesized that value comes from the story behind a product, and not the product itself. If this is true, then communicating the value of your offering is not only wise but also necessary. In today’s cluttered marketplace where thousands of brands are competing for consumer dollars and consumers have…

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By: Mark Hamilton, Interim CEO The world of the web is changing and the days of users being happy with text driven web sites is coming to an end. To get a visitor’s attention and to get your message across, forward thinking companies are using online video and the rest of us will be following…

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