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Guest post provided by: Andrea Shillington, Brands for the People If you’re a visionary entrepreneur who wants to make a positive difference then I invite you to consider that you’re more than an Entrepreneur–you’re a marketer. Even if this doesn’t feel natural to you, right away, I ask you to try this mindset on so…

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Many service professionals I have the honour of serving in my business practice have come to me because they struggle to take their business to the next level. What they’ve discovered over time is that being skilled at their trade and having the right credentials in their chosen profession are not enough to generate profit…

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This post was inspired by eWomenNetwork founder and self-made businesswoman Sandra Yancey. I heard her speak at a Vancouver summit and her journey of personal and professional development brought most of us in the room to tears. She stood before us raw with emotion and told the story of the struggles she endured when she…

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People who do business seriously stand out from those who are ‘playing’ business, by following up and following through. According to Sandra Yancey, founder of the largest women’s network in North America, only 5% of people actually follow up when they say they will, 95% don’t. If you want a competitive advantage, follow up and…

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