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As a business growth + marketing expert, I live to empower service professionals to authentically market and strategically grow their business with purpose and confidence, so they can get noticed, get clients and get profitable. With a relentless passion for helping women (and men) be seen and heard, I navigate mission-driven entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve game-changing success, while building a business aligned to who they are. Over the past 19 years I've worked with hundreds of fast-growing entrepreneurially minded companies from start-up to $20M+ (including one of Canada's fastest growing companies named by Profit Magazine); get focused on the marketing and business development activities that will impact their bottom line and generate results.

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Client Results

Making Everything A Reality
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Joss Frank

Wild Womb

As the first time launching my business I felt very confused about how to present myself and all of my content in the best way. Michela was able to organize all of my information and clarify what my message was. I was a bit overwhelmed with wanting to say everything and target everyone. She helped me define my services in a way I could not have done on my own. She also helped me write my story and gave me awesome business advice to use throughout my launch. What I value most about working with Michela is her experience and insight. She was also able to share with me clients who produced work in a similar area as mine which was super inspiring. The fact that I have a website with all my organized content is something that seemed unreachable a few months ago! I feel like my time with Michela was so motivational getting me to finally move forward and make everything a reality! Highly recommend.

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Keeping Me Focused On What Was Needed
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Shelly Heppner

Bespoke Spirits House

I had the opportunity to work with Michela while writing my business plan. Without a doubt, her guidance was invaluable! Michela was able to support me in my endeavour with her extensive network. Keeping my focus on what was needed, and filtering out the unnecessary. My finished business plan was comprehensive and articulate while being concise. I will continue to use her services as my business grows.

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Pure Delight To Work With
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Karen McCoy

McCoy Fitness

I signed up for coaching with Michela because my business had stalled. I was working 24/7 for years. Michela helped me understand that much of it was tied into my belief systems and conditioning around success, work, and self-worth. Oh boy, what an 'aha' moment! From there, she crafted a step by step process to reconstruct my web site and refine my process, so it was tight, on track and the messaging was clear and concise. She was a pure delight to work with, and I always left every meeting feeling inspired and ready to take on the next step ahead (I felt a renewed excitement about my business, and my life's work!)

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Realigned To Company Goals
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Carol Simpson

Focus Professional Services, Inc.

What I value most about working with Michela is the ability to take stock regularly and realign myself to the company goals. As a small business owner, there are lots of distractions from the main event; Michela helps keep me centred on the main event. There can be many situations that can deflate a business owner’s positive energy, and Michela is a great boost to that positive energy when it’s needed. The biggest breakthroughs have been in our marketing messaging. Michela has helped us clarify and simplify our messaging which helps our clients, employees, and suppliers.

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