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Hi, I’m Michela. Your Business Navigator.

I believe in business growth by design, not by default.

When you wholeheartedly commit to creating a business model that is fully aligned to who you are -- and who you need to be, you can easily step into being seen and heard, share your gifts with the world, and make the kind of impact you want to make.

I’m on a purpose-driven mission to navigate growth-minded business owners to authentically market and strategically grow their business with purpose and confidence, so they can get noticed, get clients and get profitable - all while building a business aligned to who they are.

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Reflecting on my path reminds me of the power of choice, which I believe to be the key to elevating life and business. If I had succumbed to childhood struggles or stayed in toxic relationships, my life could have taken a very different turn. But instead, I chose growth, empowerment, and authenticity. Leaving behind the...

Your Growth by Design Approach to Crafting Business Success

It’s Michela, your go-to Business Navigator, and in this blog, I want to dive deep into a topic that’s close to my heart: “A Growth By Design Approach to Business Success.” Picture this: You have a vision, audacious goals, and dreams that light up your soul. But here’s the kicker – having the vision is...

How to Leverage the Best Business Growth Strategy

Have you heard the saying “You cannot sow and harvest in the same season?” In this episode, Michela reveals why new business growth strategies are not always better. When you’re ready to accelerate your business growth, with greater ease, there are three ways of working with Michela

How to leverage the best business growth strategy

7 Simple Steps to Convert Prospects into Clients

Sales is a science that has been studied and well defined. In this episode, Michela shares a simple blueprint for creating sales activities that work, to help you get more consistent clients, and better results from your inquiry calls and consultation conversations.

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Robert W. Reeder IV


Highly, highly, highly recommend Michela! I had the pleasure of working with Michela for over a year; during our time together, Michela helped me transform from somebody who couldn't see the forest from the trees into a strategic, big-picture thinker and leader. Every business challenge I faced I brought to the table and--without fail--Michela helped me work through it. I began to view these emerging business challenges as opportunities for growth. The entire time, Michela guided me through uncharted business territory, recommending improvements to my business dashboard as well as future revenue optimizations.

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Michela is inspiring, insightful and seasoned. When she became my coach, she immediately added value, focus and direction. My unique vision is evolving and unfolding. Michela deeply listens then engages. I appreciated her wide knowledge base and generosity in sharing resources. I am an action taker. Michela worked with my willingness to take action and assisted me in strategically positioning and pursuing each. As I often tread and make the path by walking where no one has been before it is a blessing to have a coach with the depth Michela brings. I am confidently stepping in to a new year positioning, supported and delighted to explore uncommon pathways with a visionary like Michela.

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Megan Miller


I knew I had a great idea on what I wanted to bring into the world but had no idea where to start, and that in and of itself had me in overwhelm. With Michela's guidance, I have been able to take my idea into the formation of a revenue generating business model. Within one month I booked my first customer, and after just a few months we are tracking 5-figures. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders, just knowing that I have Michela with me on this business building journey. I feel clear, confident, and connected, and she has quickly become my most trusted advisor, and that means the world to me. I’ve learned in 5 minutes from her what people learn in 5 years on their own. She has been such an amazing investment for my business in helping me get out of my mind and put my vision into bite size executable pieces. It’s also been the best money I've ever spent on myself. What we've been able to accomplish in just a few short months of partnership is mind blowing.

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Ngoc T. Tran


I love working with Michela. I am grateful and appreciate her so much. She provided clarity to my message and supported me in rebranding my website and transformed my branding to a whole new level while creating the structure I needed to grow my business. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, talk to Michela.

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