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Making decisions is something we do every day. Entrepreneurs, however, often have to make even more decisions than the average person, and their choices may have far-reaching effects and implications. It’s no wonder that many of us feel anxious when it comes down to making an important decision. Members of the Forbes Coaches Council share their best advice on…

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Let’s talk about spring. Spring is the season of activity and opportunity that follows the turbulence of winter. However, the mere arrival of spring is no sign that things are going to look good in the autumn. “Spring Is the Season of Opportunity—Don’t Waste It.” ~  Jim Rohn You must do something with the spring. Take advantage…

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Over the past few months alone, I’ve worked with five different business owners to help them develop their service offering, and market a new program. This includes naming the program, writing the program description, developing the program details for how it works and what’s included, crafting the pricing model & marketing message, and developing ways…

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A business without marketing is no business at all. You won’t have cash flow if you’re not creating visibility and credibility for your product or service. There are two criteria that all successful business owners use to find the right customer. Learning how to reach and market to your customer is the key to gaining…

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