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Do You Want to Scale and Leverage Your Business To 7-Figures?

Executive Coaching for well-established B2B service professionals ready to scale and leverage their business to 7-figures+.

You want to stay relevant in the market, keep ahead of the competition and develop an engaged and forward-thinking team culture. Growth, leadership and continuous improvement within your organization are your top priorities. Increasing your company’s cash flow, profitability and productivity are important to you. You want to build the right team and scale the business, so you can step out of the day-to-day operations and do the work that only you can do.

I support CEOs to bridge the gap to their next level of personal and professional growth.

This program is for women leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who have already achieved a certain level of success – and who are READY to grow their business more strategically and efficiently, while also evolving their leadership capacity. This program is perfect for you, if you are in the growth and leverage phase of your business with annual revenues of more than $500K. (If you are grossing less than a half-million dollars per year, then my Business Growth Accelerator Program may be a better fit for you.)

When you work with me, you will get the one-on-one support to help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to go, so you can get better results, with less effort.


This unique program combines proven, practical and strategic business growth strategies and tactical support, with strong intuitive guidance,skills and mindset training to accelerate business growth and expand your self-leadership.

This program focuses on the 5 main components of Scale:

  1. Strategic Vision
  2. Cash Flow
  3. Alliance of the Team
  4. Leadership
  5. Execution

You will create success by leading with grace, while staying aligned to who you are. You will also:

  • Get out of the weeds and focus on what’s important
  • Transform your big-picture vision into an operationalized strategic growth plan
  • Get personalized guidance to help you focus on the right things that will lead to growth, profitability and sustainability
  • Have a trusted advisor to check-in with who understands your business
  • Grow your revenue and profitability
  • No longer feel alone at the helm of your business
  • Increase overall productivity and efficiency
  • Move beyond challenges and roadblocks
  • Increase your confidence as a leader
  • Expand your emotional intelligence


I get to know you and your business at a deep level, and I completely immerse myself in your journey. I work at both an intuitive and strategic level to support you and your leadership team to bridge the next level of revenue, fulfillment and success.

Our coaching and strategic consulting sessions will focus on the following impact areas of the business, depending on your needs and priorities:

  • Your Purpose-Driven Business Model
  • Vision, Values & Strategy Alignment
  • Products, Pricing & Services
  • Market Positioning & Messaging
  • Sales & Growth Strategy
  • Financials & KPIs
  • Operational Systems for Leveraged Growth
  • Team Alignment, Communication & Productivity
  • CEO Self-Leadership

This highly focused one-on-one, done-with-you coaching will guide you step-by-step for how to grow and leverage your business, and you will take actions in between sessions to apply the strategies, knowledge and tools that you learn, directly into your business in real-time.

It’s difficult to succeed at the outer game of business, without working on your inner game of expanding your emotional intelligence and developing your human potential. Your success is dependent on doing both.

Part of the power of private coaching and consulting is the focus and accountability to take regular action, hands-on tactical support, and the guidance to course correct. It’s an apprenticeship model, which is the most successful model out there for learning that leads to results.

Some sessions will focus on strategies, tactics and actions while others will focus on mindset shifts and building capacity in your blind spots, which are preventing you from reaching your highest potential as a leader.


Business Strategy Assessment to get CLARITY on your goals and areas of improvement, while articulating your business profile.

Bi-Weekly One-on-One Executive Leadership & Business Coaching to GUIDE YOU hand-in-hand and providing you with advisory and strategic support for your business model, marketing and sales, operations, financial management and team alignment, in addition to expanding your leadership capacity and personal mindset.

Ongoing Email Support throughout the length of the program to answer your questions via email, help you with your action items, clarify your course of action, and FEEDBACK on your current activities.

Personalized Support including the HOW TO for executing with excellence on the strategies and tactics we develop, including my personal reviews and recommendations for tweaking your marketing, communications and sales tactical approach, client acquisition systems, conversion processes, verbal scripts, sales messaging, pricing and packaging, content, calls to action (& more!) to generate the BEST results.

Additional Services:

During the course of our work together, we may decide to add supplementary services to our engagement, including:

  • Executive and Leadership Team Facilitation. Professionally guided facilitation services offered to Executives and their Leadership teams to provide clarity, objective advice and forward momentum on initiatives, strategies and business pivots.
  • Respectful and Harmonious Communication Workshop. A small group seminar for employees and teams to learn how to reduce communication barriers in the workplace. Participants will uncover and discuss workplace communication conflicts, learn about the different communication styles and the keys to clear and effective communication in the workplace.
  • Discovery Process Seminar and Organizational Climate Survey. A small group seminar for employees and teams to better understand human behaviour and their own key success drivers, includes an employee survey to take the temperature of workplace culture.
  • Emerging Leaders Group Coaching. Small group cohort coaching within your organization for existing leaders desiring development or high potential emerging leaders who want to expand their leadership skills, execute the leadership responsibilities effectively, or to become recognized as an effective leader.
  • Leadership Team Workshop. A small group workshop designed to surface, share and better understand each Leader’s strengths, preferences and tendencies, identifying the unique abilities and non-strengths that each person brings to the job and to the team.
  • Employee Behavioural Profile Assessments. Psychometric assessment for recruiting top performers, evaluating new hires and leveraging existing employees by determining the individual’s fit with the Job, Manager, Team, and Organization. (Each report includes a coaching guide to increase engagement and productivity, while reducing turnover.)


Let’s SCALE & LEVERAGE your business!

I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me. Apply for a complimentary Discovery Call to explore if we are a good fit.

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Client Results

My Business Has Grown In Revenues
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Dat Wong

DW & Company

Michela is very professional and someone that is a part of my trusted team of advisors. She’s an expert in evaluating what and where your business is right now and identifying what you need to reach your goals. She brings focus and purpose to all of the ideas in my head. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and my business is taking me in many different directions, she helps to re-focus my thoughts and gets me back on track. With Michela's help, my business has grown in revenues and is better positioned for any challenge that lies ahead.

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Accelerated my business growth.
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Tammy Gillis

T. Gillis Consulting & Training

I wanted to invest in a business coach that was going to keep me focused and on track. Michela helped the evolution of my business and broke down barriers along the way. She is very good at identifying the root cause - not just the symptoms. Michela helped me look at things from a different perspective and has accelerated my business. Thank you, Michela, for the continued inspiration and business brilliance that you bring to our relationship. You've been a guiding light to me for nearly a decade, especially during the pandemic. It takes a village to build a career and you've been a key part of my success.

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20% Improvement In Productivity
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Susan Jarema

New Earth Marketing

Michela, helped me set up a plan to systematize my digital agency and programming company. We reviewed my current front-end and back-end to find ways to improve client on-boarding and project management procedures. Her process was efficient at working through our current system, goals and obstacles. From this we came up with solutions that she helped narrow down and prioritize into concrete actionable steps to build a tight process for our team and clients to follow. She also helped us find ways to integrate these new systems into our technology platforms so we can automate many of the steps. Since working with Michela I have seen a 20% improvement in productivity and we aren't even through the full plan. I am thrilled with the new insights I have gained and feel more in control of my business and in managing its growth.

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We are working less and making more.
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Erika Cardenas

Butterfly Cleaning

Michela changed my life! After 10yrs of wearing all the hats and being exhausted and underpaid, I was almost ready to close our business. We reviewed the urgent problems and created solutions. We also created pricing and marketing strategies specific to our needs and goals. Since working with Michela, the quality of our clients has shifted and our quality of life improved. We are in fact working less and making more. I have new freedom, flexibility and effective time saving tools thanks to the growth in our income. I also have new courage and confidence in the way I speak, deal with clients, and the way I do business.

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