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Do You Want to Attract Your Ideal Clients, Make More of an Impact and Strategically Grow Your Business?

Business Coaching for B2B service professionals and business owners who want to grow a 6-figure+ business.

You want to make more money and earn consistent revenue, reach more of the right people, and grow your client base more strategically with prioritized action steps to keep you focused on what’s important (rather than shooting in the dark.) Knowing the next best steps for how to grow your business is important to you. You think of yourself as a visionary, creative, or freelancer and you want to feel like you have a real business, not just a job.

Gain business traction and ignite your business to the next level of growth.

This is for you if you are a results-driven business owner, consultant, coach or service professional who is ready to get FOCUSED on building a road map with the right actions to connect the different aspects of what you do into a more cohesive path that will proactively grow your business and your confidence. This program is perfect for you, if you are in the start-up, ramp-up or growth phase of your business with annual revenues of less than $500K. (If you are grossing more than a half-million dollars per year, then my Scale and Leverage Program may be a better fit for you.)

When you work with me, you will get the one-on-one support to help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to go, so you can get better results, with less effort.


A comprehensive system of strategic marketing and sales conversion drives predictable growth. We will develop your customized marketing and business growth plan to increase sales and profitability.

With a clear focus on revenue-generating activities and practices that plug time and money leaks, you’ll be positioned to step fully into your brilliance as you market your business from the inside out.

This program combines proven, practical and strategic business growth strategies and tactical support, with strong intuitive guidance, skills and mindset training to accelerate personal and business growth.

We will connect the dots between your business vision and your outcomes, by creating results-focused marketing, sales and business development strategies with the tools, templates and support you need to clear away the clutter and generate success.

You will also:

  • Have a roadmap to reach your goals and direction for how to grow your business
  • Get a big-picture framework with goalsetting and specific action steps.
  • Boost your business to the next level and to the potential that you know is there
  • Get personalized guidance to help you focus on the right things
  • No longer feel alone at the helm of your business
  • Have a trusted advisor to check-in with who understands your business
  • Increase your confidence as a business owner
  • Clear the clutter of pointless activities and transform overwhelm into focused action
  • Get access to proven tools, scripts and processes that generate results


I get to know you and your business at a deep level, and I completely immerse myself in your journey. I work at both an intuitive and strategic level to support you to create what you need to ignite your business to the next level of growth.

This highly focused one-on-one, done-with-you coaching will guide you step-by-step for how to grow and leverage your business, and you will take actions in between sessions to apply the strategies, knowledge and tools that you learn, directly into your business in real-time.

It’s difficult to succeed at the outer game of business, without working on your inner game of expanding your emotional intelligence and developing your human potential. Your success is dependent on doing both.

Part of the power of private coaching and consulting is the focus and accountability to take regular action, hands-on tactical support, and the guidance to course correct. It’s an apprenticeship model, which is the most successful model out there for learning that leads to results.


Business Strategy Assessment to get CLARITY on your expectations, business model, business and financial goals, marketing and sales process, brand positioning, target markets, and areas of improvement.

One-on-One Virtual VIP Coaching & Strategic Consulting to CO-CREATE the building blocks of your business (based on the phase you are in) and GUIDE YOU hand-in-hand through your business development, leadership and personal mindset.

Ongoing Email Support throughout the length of the program to answer your questions via email, help you with your action items, clarify your course of action, and feedback on your current activities.

Personalized Support including the HOW TO for executing with excellence on the strategies and tactics we develop, including my personal reviews and recommendations for tweaking your marketing, communications and sales tactical approach, client acquisition systems, conversion processes, verbal scripts, sales messaging, pricing and packaging, content, calls to action (& more!) to generate the BEST results.

Resources including my eBooks: Consultation Secrets and Fast Path to Cash. A subscription to my monthly emails with practical business building advise and tips to keep you inspired and motivated. Plus, direct access to my personal (and trusted) network of experts to support you in any area of marketing you need help with, including branding, website development, designing online programs, speaking, writing your book, creating a lead magnet, social media coaching, web video production, photography and more.

Bonuses including planning tools, proven processes, plus done-for-you templates and communication scripts that will take the guesswork out of your sales, marketing and business growth activities, so you can create lasting results with much less effort.


  • You have a business idea or hobby business and aren’t working in your own revenue-generating business full-time.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or an easy button.
  • You aren’t willing to be open, vulnerable and take risks in pursuit of your goals.
  • You aren’t committed to fully showing up and doing the work.


Let’s FAST TRACK your roadway to a successful business where you get noticed, get clients and get profitable, all while building a business aligned to your strengths and passions.

BUSINESS GROWTH ACCELERATOR is designed to accelerate your growth to 6-figures+ in 12-18 months, and is broken down into 4 phases. Think of these as building blocks for your business. You enter at the phase that is most relevant for you, based on our initial assessment:

Phase 1: IGNITE (3 months) – Get Noticed

We will solve the 3 biggest problems preventing you from getting noticed: Bad-Fit Clients, Confused Messaging, & Selling Time for Money. 

We will do this by profiling your Perfect Future Client, crafting Magnetic Messaging that speaks to them, while refining your Core Offers and Pricing Model.

Phase 2: TRACTION (3 months) – Get Clients

We will solve the 3 biggest problems preventing you from gaining traction and getting your best clients: Fly Fishing which creates Unpredictable Leads & Playing Hide & Seek with your Marketing Visibility, which leads to poor Content Conversion. 

We will do this by creating One Good Funnel to generate leads, and a Visibility to Profit$ Plan to convert those leads, while keeping you Strategic and Consistent with your Marketing implementation, so that you get results.

Phase 3: ACCELERATE (3 months) – Get Sales

We will solve the 3 biggest problems preventing you from maintaining momentum and getting sales: Uncomfortable and Ineffective Sales Conversations, Shiny Object Syndrome and doing the Client Hustle. 

We will do this by having Effortless Enrollment Conversations, and creating a Customer Journey to keep your clients coming back for more, while taking Inspired, Focused and Consistent Action on your Visibility to Profit$ Plan.

Phase 4: SCALE (3 months) – Get Profitable

We will solve the 3 biggest problems preventing you from growing a profitable business: Flying Solo, Winging It, and Leaky Bucket syndrome. 

We will do this by plugging the leaky bucket in your business with Efficient Systems & Processes, harnessing the power of a Skilled Implementation Team, while optimizing your Scalable Growth Path.

I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me. Apply for a complimentary Discovery Call to explore if we are a good fit.

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Client Results

Spurred Me Into Action
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Leslie Hopkins

Confident Core Fitness

When I reached out to Michela, I needed help creating procedures especially for my new packages and my sales process. As a result of working with her I am now able to better articulate what I do from my elevator speech to more involved conversations with prospective clients and affiliates. She spurred me into action, which gave me much needed momentum. Without working with Michela this would have taken me too long to do on my own, or I would have put this off and probably not have done it. I feel like she has my back, that I’m not in this all alone.

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Helped Put My Chaos Into Order
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Lisa Meikle

Bodacious Living By LIsa

As an entrepreneur for 20 years, I was struggling with keeping focused and needed support to move my business forward with my new branding. I am a creative person, I tend to get many ideas and I have a hard time knowing what the next step is. Michela helped me put my chaos into order. I always got off our coaching calls feeling inspired, seen, heard, supported and guided.  So nice to not feel alone with someone to share my new ideas with, positive support and an action plan put into motion. She is a coach with heart that understands the highly sensitive creative entrepreneur.

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Pushing my business to the next level.
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Negar Reihani

Space Harmony Interiors

When I met with Michela, my business was thriving but I was overwhelmed and stressed out as a business owner. Michela helped me create structure and bring order to my business by implementing different systems that I could rely on. While pushing my business to the next level, she helped me be more confident, be in control, and see beyond what I was aiming for.

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85% Conversion Rate on Inquiry Calls
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Kathryn Wilking

Kathryn Wilking Feng Shui Designs

Michela brings a gentler approach to sales and business development. I’m closing about 85% of my inquiries (up from 40%-50%) because I’m clear about what I have to offer and I have a script to keep me in charge of the conversation. My biggest issue was getting my multiple services clear and organized, both verbally and on the ‘net. Michela was very patient, insightful and helpful in fine-tuning my services and sales flow with me.

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