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Congratulations on taking the first step! Spaces are limited and are filled on a first-applied, first-considered basis. You must meet the following qualifications to be considered:

  • You already have an established business and are ready to take it to the next level of success
  • You’re truly committed to creating a profitable and sustainable business aligned to who you authentically are
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself – time, energy, attention and money

If you’ve answered YES to all of the above, simply answer the questions below to apply for your session and I will personally review your application.

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This application doesn’t obligate or commit you to anything. It’s simply an invitation to a conversation with me about your interest in one of my private coaching programs. (If after reviewing your application, we determine that a session would not be the best fit for you, we’ll let you know via email.)

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Client Results

85% Conversion Rate on Inquiry Calls
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Kathryn Wilking

Kathryn Wilking Feng Shui Designs

Michela brings a gentler approach to sales and business development. I’m closing about 85% of my inquiries (up from 40%-50%) because I’m clear about what I have to offer and I have a script to keep me in charge of the conversation. My biggest issue was getting my multiple services clear and organized, both verbally and on the ‘net. Michela was very patient, insightful and helpful in fine-tuning my services and sales flow with me.

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Spurred Me Into Action
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Leslie Hopkins

Confident Core Fitness

When I reached out to Michela, I needed help creating procedures especially for my new packages and my sales process. As a result of working with her I am now able to better articulate what I do from my elevator speech to more involved conversations with prospective clients and affiliates. She spurred me into action, which gave me much needed momentum. Without working with Michela this would have taken me too long to do on my own, or I would have put this off and probably not have done it. I feel like she has my back, that I’m not in this all alone.

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My Business Has Grown In Revenues
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Dat Wong

DW & Company

Michela is very professional and someone that is a part of my trusted team of advisors. She’s an expert in evaluating what and where your business is right now and identifying what you need to reach your goals. She brings focus and purpose to all of the ideas in my head. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and my business is taking me in many different directions, she helps to re-focus my thoughts and gets me back on track. With Michela's help, my business has grown in revenues and is better positioned for any challenge that lies ahead.

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A Clear Approach And Successful Business Strategy
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Maria Stanborough

C+S Planning Group

Working with Michela helped me build a road map for my business so that I could connect the different aspects of what I was doing into a more cohesive path. Along the way, my business and my confidence grew. After 4 months, I now have a clear approach and successful business strategy. I couldn’t have done any of this without Michela’s help.

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