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Whether or not we admit it, everyone has unconscious biases. When unacknowledged, bias can limit your potential to truly connect with others or damage connections you’ve already made. All professionals — but professional coaches especially — can suffer from diminished job performance because of personal biases. But with effort, it’s possible to become aware of…

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On this WSA-TV Premier Show episode, four powerful women discuss how women leaders can influence and create change. These featured guests have leveraged the Women Speakers Association platform and are creating change locally and globally. Watch here. Featuring: Janet. J. Sawyer, Anita Russell, Cherie Griffith-Dunn & Michela Quilici Women on a mission with a passionate message are…

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It is hard to believe that we’ve reached the halfway point of this year already! This year may have thrown a wrench in your plans. For some people, the goals they set on January 1st were out the window by March 15th. Perhaps like me, you’ve been taking time over the past few months to re-evaluate your business model and re-think…

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Crises are always looming on the horizon. Whether it’s because of a global economic downturn or something even more disastrous, coaches need to be able to adapt how they communicate with their clients to offer these business owners support. During a crisis, especially, the need for a coach to be inventive in their engagement or…

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