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Looking to pivot your business? There’s more than one reason why a business owner would want to pivot their business. Perhaps it’s not performing as well as hoped, or a new inspiration has struck. Or maybe an economic crisis has forced a re-evaluation of the business model. Whatever the impetus may be, pivoting a company…

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In this episode of Speaker Chat, Michela Quilici shares her insight on how we create Our Business Growth Roadmap to Chart a Course to Get Noticed, Get Clients and Get Profitable, when she is interviewed by Tracey Ehman at Women Speakers Association.   In this presentation, we will discuss the answers to these critical questions: What…

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Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, or a small business owner scaling to six and seven figures, it can be lonely at the top. The emotional impact of entrepreneurial isolation, loneliness and self-doubt is real. There are 7 ways to overcome the biggest challenge of entrepreneurship: the loneliness dilemma. Click here, to listen to the…

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What is the right balance between sharing my content to stay top of mind versus selling and promoting my services, during a business crisis? I don’t want to appear insensitive, but I still need to earn revenue. The simple answer to that question is: it depends. The topic of content marketing versus selling during a…

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Are you wondering where you should put your business and marketing focus right now? “What is the right marketing message to send to my network? How should I engage with my prospects? How can I be of service to my clients? Where should I be putting my attention?” Ultimately, we are in business to deliver…

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