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Tired of Struggling in a Particular Area of Your Business?

Get short-term business coaching & consulting for one area of your business that needs attention. Think of it like a series of “deep dive” virtual workshops. We’ll focus on ONE priority project that you want to complete in the next 30 days, so you can get back to doing what you love most!

This program is for results-driven women entrepreneurs, consultants, business owners and service professionals who are ready to get FOCUSED on the right actions that will take their business to the next level. 

Here you get a customized ‘done-with-you’ Business Builder VIP Program to meet your specific needs.


We will work together for 30 days, to create a strategy and crystal-clear roadmap, so you can get focused on doing the right things, in the right order, in the right way to complete your project and move forward in your business.

Part of the power of private coaching and consulting is the focus and accountability to take regular action, hands-on tactical support, and the guidance to course correct.

This program combines proven, practical and strategic business growth strategies, with strong intuitive guidance, plus proven scripts, templates and frameworks.

(If you’re looking for more long-term support, have a look at my Business Coaching or Executive Coaching programs.)


I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners over the years on launching, growing, and scaling their 6 and 7-figure business. At some point, business owners all benefit from expert support, so that we get our ideas into action, our projects done and an implementation plan that works.

Whether you want to launch a new product or business, you don’t know how to develop your marketing or sales plan, or you’ve been procrastinating on doing that thing that will help your business grow, I can help.

Here are some of the areas I excel at that we can choose to focus on together.

  • Developing or refining your business model.
  • Clarifying your vision, mission and values.
  • Developing your profit model and cash flow statement.
  • Creating your marketing strategy.
  • Creating your social media content plan.
  • Developing a sales process for turning leads and inquiries into sales.
  • Setting up your marketing-to-sales funnel (for social, speaking, networking, content or events).
  • Perfecting your consultation conversation to increase conversions & enrollment into your programs and services.
  • Developing your qualified buyer profiles and key marketing messages.
  • Determining your unique differentiators and value proposition.
  • Crafting your elevator pitch, bio, why story, about page, or speaker sheet.
  • Creating a promotion plan that gives you exposure through direct outreach, networking, strategic partnerships, referrals, content, or social.
  • Creating, packaging, proposals and pricing your program or service offering for maximum revenue potential.
  • Developing marketing, sales, or operational systems, workflow or processes for leveraged growth.
  • Identifying and optimizing your high impact momentum areas.
  • Uncovering untapped revenue opportunities.


We will create an action plan and execute your project within the next 30 days.

  • You will receive an in-depth Business Strategy Assessment to help you define your ONE project, prepare background information, share your questions and prioritize your desired outcomes for our time together.
  • We’ll meet virtually via Zoom video for 3 x 60 minute private 1:1 coaching & consulting sessions over a 30-day period. The sessions will be recorded and I will upload the recordings to your own private Dropbox folder for you to download and listen to again and again.
  • You will receive email support in between sessions to answer questions, troubleshoot and offer feedback on the action items that you are working on, so that you continue to make progress toward your project goal.
  • I will share all of my custom templates, processes and scripts related to the project we are working on; you will have a proven framework to follow based on my many years of experience. This will save you loads of time and effort. Plus, you’ll have the tools to use over and over again on future projects.
  • Subscription to my e-newsletter, your source of practical business building advice and tips to keep you inspired and motivated in your business for months to come.
  • My personal reviews and hands-on support (throughout the program) on what you are working on, to generate the BEST results.
  • My Fast Path to Cash Resource Guide with 10 actionable strategies to plug the money leaks in your coaching and consulting business and make more money.


  • Need a strategic roadmap and a clear set of steps to achieve your goals.
  • Have had enough of struggling in a particular area of your business and you’re motivated to just get it DONE once and for all.
  • Want a quick hit of support and you’re not ready to commit to a long-term coaching program.
  • Are tired of trying to figure out marketing and sales on your own, and you know the value of working with an expert.
  • Know it is time to transition your business into the next level of success (but need help sorting out the next piece.)
  • Are looking for strategies, guidance and ideas to achieve results faster – and with more ease.
  • Feel blocked by hidden bottlenecks or blind spots and you need help to identify them so you can create a better, more sustainable way to grow.
  • Need clarity and focus on the next most powerful steps for taking your business and your vision to the next level of excellence.
  • Want to learn from somebody who has been where you’re at, and knows the way through.


Let’s get your project DONE, so you can get back to doing what you love most!


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Client Results

Empowered Me To See Clearly
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Petra Mayer

Petra Mayer Consulting

Working with Michela while creating my first 3-day training and marketing event resulted in clarity and targeted action. Michela has a tremendous gift to cut through all the confusion and with her elegant and pointed questioning empowered me to see clearly which decisions I had to make. She then provides systems to support research, keep control of budgeting and provides the follow-through support and accountability. I can highly recommend working with Michela to achieve business transformation.

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Sharpened my focus and defined what I offer.
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Sondi Bruner

Holistic Nutritionist

My business was scattered before I met Michela – I was heading in a million different directions, and none of them were taking me where I wanted to go! I felt like my wheels were spinning, and I couldn’t establish in my own head what I wanted, much less express it in a captivating manner to others. Michela helped me sharpen my focus and define who I am and what I have to offer, and guided me to take manageable actions that were invigorating and empowering. I was able to achieve more progress in my business than I had in the entire previous year.

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Clear marketing plan and efficient sales process.
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Cheryl Loh

Quirky Paper

I was frustrated and feeling quite defeated when working on my business, but I always left our meetings feeling inspired and excited to work on the next steps. Before, I didn’t have a clear marketing plan or an efficient sales process. Now, the systems and processes I learned have really helped me become more efficient and I am on track to reach my business goals.

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