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Meet Michela

Karen is a visionary business leader who wants to make a bigger impact. She’s one of those passionate business owners who has a level of deep expertise that only develops after working for decades in her field. She has so much knowledge to share with the world. She has accumulated a ton of experience over…

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Business results are inevitable. Whatever result YOU decide you want is inevitable. The three biggest reasons why business owners struggle to get noticed, get clients, get profitable and generally grow their business with ease is because they: Are not focusing on the right things, in the right order that will make the biggest difference based…

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Making decisions is something we do every day. Entrepreneurs, however, often have to make even more decisions than the average person, and their choices may have far-reaching effects and implications. It’s no wonder that many of us feel anxious when it comes down to making an important decision. Members of the Forbes Coaches Council share their best advice on…

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