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Visionary Business Leaders Make A Bigger Impact By Doing These 3 Things

Karen is a visionary business leader who wants to make a bigger impact. She’s one of those passionate business owners who has a level of deep expertise that only develops after working for decades in her field. She has so much knowledge to share with the world.

She has accumulated a ton of experience over the years that she’s brimming with ideas on a daily basis, for new trainings and programs for her clients.

She wants to implement all of her great ideas, now.

But, being a visionary leader doesn’t always equate to being a focused leader. And focus is one of the crucial skills that all successful business owners share.

Karen has too many ideas, too much content, too many skills, too much to give… and while that makes her incredible at what she does, that can also be paralyzing for her.

Not only does it prevent her from making giant leaps in her business growth, it distracts her from focusing on the most profitable, time efficient and productive areas of her business that will enable her to consistently grow a sustainable business – one in which she’s earning more, keeping more of the money she makes, and impacting more people.

Frustrated by her scattered business approach and tired of taking one step forward and three steps back, she reached out to me for help.

Karen is not alone. Many business owners are visionaries by nature, and fall short in other key areas.

Three of the biggest reasons why visionary business leaders struggle to market and grow their business consistently, profitably and with ease is because of:

  1. Doing Too Many Things At Once. When you do too many things at once, it’s almost impossible to gain momentum and traction on any one thing.
    For Example:
    It’s the difference between juggling 3 balls comfortably versus attempting to juggle 10 balls at the same time – at some point all 10 balls come crashing to the ground because it’s just too much to handle all at once.
  1. Taking a Random Approach. When you don’t have a focused and strategic approach, you tend to take random action on multiple things in the hopes that one of them will catch on. This rarely works over the long-term.
    For Example: 
    It’s like expecting a Symphony Orchestra with 50 musicians to show up at the concert hall and play a beautiful symphony – without a Conductor. Not going to happen. Ever.
  1. Inconsistent Implementation. Results are inevitable.Whatever result you decide you want is inevitable. Provided you keep taking action, refining your approach, working on your inner game and keeping at it long enough.
    For Example: 
    It’s like working out at the gym. If you want to build strength, tone muscles and lose weight, the approach that works is to consistently train certain muscle groups with a particular number of sets and reps depending on what your goal is and what your body needs. If you only go to the gym when you feel like it, don’t learn good form, and wing your way through a few weeks of working out before you give up completely – you’re not going to reach your goals.

Some of the examples I share sound obvious and when you stop to think about it, seem outright ridiculous. Like duh! Of course, I can’t juggle 10 balls at once!

Stop the insanity.

Stop letting your fears make your decisions.

The only difference between where you are RIGHT NOW and where you want to be is one decision and a few new actions.

I’d like to help you make the next few months be a pivot point for you.

Here’s a quick reminder on how my Business Builder Workshop will shift your focus to transform your business results and help you make a bigger impact AND run your business with more ease and grace:

  • PERSPECTIVE: Get out of short-term thinking and create future growth opportunities.
  • CLARITY: Move out of overwhelm and get into inspired action NOW.
  • TRACTION: Move from a scattered to focused approach and gain traction toward your goal.
  • COMPLETION: Finally launch or complete that one project that’s been sitting on your desk (and taking up bandwidth in your brain) for way too long.
  • RESULTS: Stop the merry-go-round of trial and error and fast-track your results, with guidance from a marketing and business growth expert.

Are you ready to get expert support?

Have you ever felt the remarkable power and energy of a coach when they are laser focused on YOU and your business?

What if you could achieve more with a lot less struggle?

I think you already know the answer to that question.

You’d get your big ideas off the ground. You’d feel inspired and energized. You’d expand your life and business exponentially. You’d experience a continuous flow of ideal opportunities and revenue growth.

And if you could get to those results more quickly? I know how transformational that could be, both personally and professionally.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Let’s get your project DONE, so you can get back to doing what you love most. And if you’re not sure which project to start with, I’ll help you figure that out before we even get started!

Learn more about Business Builder here.

To your success,



P.S. Leslie is sure glad she asked for help!

Leslie-Hopkins“When I reached out to Michela, I needed help creating procedures especially for my new packages and my sales process. As a result of working with her I am now able to better articulate what I do from my elevator speech to more involved conversations with prospective clients and affiliates. She spurred me into action, which gave me much needed momentum. Without working with Michela this would have taken me too long to do on my own, or I would have put this off and probably not have done it. I feel like she has my back, that I’m not in this all alone.” – Leslie Hopkins, Confident Core Fitness

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