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According to an article written by brand catalyst Isabelle Mercier Turcotte of Leapzone Strategies, branding is when you take a good, honest look under the hood of your business and get crystal clear about: Who you are and what makes you different. What problems you solve. How is your service or product making life better?…

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As a business, what makes you valuable to your customer? If you can’t answer this question succinctly, then you won’t be able to communicate your value to your customer in such a way that engages them to enter into a buying relationship with you. How does a company differentiate itself enough to compete with hundreds…

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I was appalled when I read an article published in BC Business Magazine entitled Fake It to Make It by Niko Bell. I found the fact this was the ‘featured’ article in the Marketing section of the magazine to be somewhat curious. Giving earned media to Gravytrain Marketing, a company whose entire business is built…

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What is it about the human psyche that makes us want something we can’t or don’t have? You may recall yourself as a young child wanting a toy that a playmate had, or you may see it in your own toddler who needs to have what you are holding, and you might even reflect on…

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New York Times journalist Rob Walker hypothesized that value comes from the story behind a product, and not the product itself. If this is true, then communicating the value of your offering is not only wise but also necessary. In today’s cluttered marketplace where thousands of brands are competing for consumer dollars and consumers have…

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