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It’s Time to Stand in YOUR Spotlight

Each time we step into every communications situation it is an opportunity to inspire, influence and motivate others. Whether you are networking, delivering a presentation or workshop, in sales conversations or written proposals, on phone calls, email exchanges, or...

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I’ve Been Failing Since 1984

As a recovering perfectionist, I haven’t been one to look back at my previous accomplishments to see how far I’ve come and celebrate those wins. Oh no. My modus operandi up until a few years ago had been to keep looking forward to all that I hadn’t yet accomplished...

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Stop Treading Water in your Business, and Start Creating Waves

I recently re-engaged with a client who I had previously worked with. He is the CEO of a fast-growing accounting and bookkeeping practice. The first-time around we worked on refining his marketing message so that all of his marketing collateral and sales communication...

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Remembering the Titans: Focus on your Strengths

Let me start by saying that I am not a football expert, so if you’re a football fan you’ll have to forgive me for potentially butchering the football lingo as I tell my story. I am; however, an athlete who ‘gets’ the team sport dynamic and what it’s like being part of...

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How to Say No, Without Feeling Guilty

I am a recovering over-giver. I won’t get into the details of why and the many layers of where this came from. But what I will say is that being an “over-giver” is a very common way that someone who is Highly Sensitive (like me) uses to cope with his or her sensitive...

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Success Secrets from a Cactus

She reveals herself to me a little more each day. And I find myself eagerly anticipating her next growth spurt. To bear witness to this evolution is a miracle in itself. Especially because not long ago, she was withering away and I almost left her for dead. But...

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I am Not an Expert. I am an Imposter.

For a long time, I resisted calling myself a marketing expert, despite the fact that I am. It’s not all that I am, but I am an expert in marketing nonetheless. The reality is that marketing chose me; I didn’t choose it. I was 16 years old when it happened. I was...

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Stop Tolerating, Start Creating

If there were one theme for how I divinely merge my joyful overflow with my passion and personality, that theme would be – COURAGE TO STOP TOLERATING THE LIFE I HAVE AND START CREATING THE LIFE I WANT. If I had accepted my fate as a child who had developed a speech...

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What a Park Bench taught me about Marketing and Sales

I met up with my friend and colleague Pauline recently. What I love about her the most is her sweet, no-nonsense demeanor and her tell-it-like-it-is dry humor delivered with such authenticity it’s inspiring. (I told her she was my beacon of truth and authenticity and...

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