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The Secret to Business Growth

If you are like many of my clients who come to me for help, you have a vision for yourself and big dreams for your business, so much so that it can sometimes get overwhelming. The secret to business growth is about charting a course and taking action.

You may be asking yourself one of the following questions:

  • How do I get out of my mind and put my vision into bite-size executable pieces?
  • How do I stay focused and on track to reach my business goals?
  • How do I create a solid plan of action aligned with purpose and intention?

To which I say, all big things come from small beginnings.

Whether you’re in the start-up stage, ramping up to 6-figures, or scaling beyond 7-figures in your business — the solution is the same:

Charting a course from where you are now, to where you want to go — and walking that path with courage, consistency and compassion.

Here are a few tips to get you going on your journey to accelerated growth:

  1. Put less importance on achieving results, and focus on the habits, systems and processes that lead to those results.
  2. Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.
  3. Committing to the process will determine your progress.

If you think about it, the goal in any sport is to finish with the best score and ultimately win the game. It would be silly to spend the entire game staring at the scoreboard. The only way to win is to incrementally get better every single day; every single time you show up to practice, every single time you visualize your successful outcome, and every single time you commit to the process of improvement versus perfection.

If you want better results, focus on your habits and the system you use to get you there.

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About Michela Quilici

International Business Growth Coach, Award-winning Marketing Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Forbes Coaches Council. Known as a Business Navigator, Michela works with growth-minded business owners, service professionals and CEOs who want to ignite their businesses and accelerate growth, while building a business aligned to who they are.

She is passionate about creating roadmaps that ignite leaders to take inspired action to navigate their growth on purpose using strategy, systems and self-leadership, so they can get noticed, get clients and get profitable.