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Did you know that mega-star, actor, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez, who has a net worth of 400 Million Dollars, was quoted saying that even though she had sold 70 million albums, she felt like she was not good? — Does Jennifer Lopez suffer from imposter syndrome? Maya Angelou, Jodie Foster, Michelle Obama, Penelope Cruz…

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Having this passion, mission, and message, however, does not guarantee that you’ll be a huge success as a speaker or that you’ll have the impact you dream of. There are several factors that lend themselves to speaker success. First there is your emotional state, then there is your message clarity and plan to get your…

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I recently attended the 11th Annual Small Business BC Awards held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. As written in their literature, the SBBC Awards recognize and celebrate the important contributions BC’s entrepreneurs make to their local communities and the global economy. Since its inception in 2003, over 2,300 entrepreneurs have participated, vying to…

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