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I recently wrote a post on Avoiding 8 Business Growth Blunders. I want to delve deeper into this subject, specifically on the topic of business blunder #3: forgetting to implement a system and repeatable process. Entrepreneurs like you and I can avoid this major business blunder as we aim to grow a profitable business for…

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I saw this statistic posted on the Small Business BC facebook page and it really got my attention. The first question I asked myself is WHY? Why would the majority of small business owners not take any business advice? Our business depends on us, the business owner. Being an entrepreneur is hard! But it’s not rocket science. Others…

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The Globe and Mail’s Report on Small Business in conjunction with Achilles Media brought a one-day event to Vancouver recently. The event was geared to entrepreneurs, to kick-start small and medium enterprise to the next level. These are my top 10 success tips for small business gleaned from industry speakers and seasoned entrepreneurs at the…

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