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Sales is a science that has been studied and well defined (by people much smarter than me!) In this post, I share 7 simple steps to convert prospects into clients. This is a blueprint for creating sales activities that have the potential to increase your conversion rates from 40% to 85%.

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Let’s talk about spring. Spring is the season of activity and opportunity that follows the turbulence of winter. However, the mere arrival of spring is no sign that things are going to look good in the autumn. “Spring Is the Season of Opportunity—Don’t Waste It.” ~  Jim Rohn You must do something with the spring. Take advantage…

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If your marketing plan isn’t working, there are four undeniable reasons for this (plus one bonus reason!) The marketing plan for most service professionals I talk to typically falls into one of these three categories: A Hope and a Prayer. Waiting and hoping that your phone rings, an email from a prospective client lands in your…

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