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Spring Is the Season of Opportunity, Don’t Waste It

Let’s talk about spring. Spring is the season of activity and opportunity that follows the turbulence of winter. However, the mere arrival of spring is no sign that things are going to look good in the autumn.

“Spring Is the Season of Opportunity—Don’t Waste It.” ~  Jim Rohn

You must do something with the spring. Take advantage of the day and the opportunities that spring can bring, so that you can harvest your abundant crop in the autumn!

One thing I learned early in my business-building journey is that working ON your business, while simultaneously working IN your business is really tough. (You need to do BOTH in order to succeed.)

And it’s even more difficult (and nearly impossible), doing it alone. I know first-hand the challenges that come with being a Solo Entrepreneur, having to do everything myself, wearing all the various hats:

The Visionary CEO.
The Project Manager.
Finance Person.
Tech Nerd.
Customer Care.

Oh yeah, all of that while making sure I deliver on all my promises and commitments. Yikes! That’s a tall order for one person.

It’s really easy to get stuck in the weeds – getting bogged down in the day-to-day running of your business.

This is the hardest part about growing a business that nobody warns you about.

It’s nearly impossible to grow a sustainable and profitable business being in doer-mode all the time because you are always working IN the business and thinking short-term, which results in being reactive rather than proactive. If you’re like me, you didn’t get into business to work more hours and have less freedom.

It’s about working smarter, not harder – right?

Creating and prioritizing the time to work ON your business invites more of a long-term, strategic growth perspective.

How many unfinished projects or half-baked ideas do you have, that you just don’t have the time or the know-how to complete or put into action?

Is your business in transition or undergoing a change, for which a new strategy or a different way of doing things is required?

I’ve had many requests from business owners to offer bite-sized ways of working with me, beyond the longer-term Business Coaching and Executive Coaching programs that I offer.

So, I decided to launch a new program to fill that need, and I’m calling it: Business Builder.

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Think of it as a series of “deep dive” virtual workshops, where we roll up our sleeves together, and get to work on ONE priority project in YOUR business, related to marketing, sales, strategy or systems.

What’s that ONE project that you just can’t seem to start, or finish? The ONE activity that’s holding you back from breaking through to the next level of growth? That ONE thing you know you need to get done, but either you don’t know how, or don’t have time, or the ONE thing you’re procrastinating about.

Need some help getting it done? I’m happy to help.

That’s where my Business Builder Virtual Workshop comes in handy.

Here are the types of projects we can choose to focus on:

  • Developing your profit model for sustainable growth.
  • Creating your marketing and sales plan.
  • Developing a sales process for turning leads and inquiries into sales.
  • Perfecting your consultation conversation to increase conversions & enrollment into your programs and services.
  • Creating your marketing-to-sales funnel for social, networking, speaking or events.
  • Developing your qualified buyer profiles and key marketing messages.
  • Determining your unique differentiators and value proposition.
  • Crafting your elevator pitch, bio, why story, about page, or speaker sheet.
  • Creating a promotion plan that gives you exposure through direct outreach, networking, strategic partnerships, referrals, content, or social.
  • Creating, packaging, pricing and promoting your new program or service offering.
  • Developing marketing, sales, or operational systems, workflow or processes for leveraged growth.

Are you ready to get expert support?

Here’s a few of the reasons you’ll want to jump on this:

  • You’ve had a project or a goal that feels bigger than you know how to pull off – for a long time, and you want to just get it done once and for all.
  • Up to now you find yourself getting distracted with too many projects and overwhelm is setting in; you want clarity, focus and a clear set of steps and expert guidance, to achieve your goal.
  • You are ready to play bigger in your business this year and could use some help to get your ideas flushed out so you don’t waste valuable time, money and energy making a bunch of mistakes.

If this sounds like something that would help you create your ideal business results this season, then apply for your VIP Business Builder Virtual Workshop. You’ll know you’ll be more diligent with following through on your project, if you have some help.

Let’s get your project DONE, so you can get back to doing what you love most!

Get Started Today. 

To your success,



P.S. Here’s what happened when one frustrated client worked with me on her business…

I was frustrated and feeling quite defeated when working on my business, but I always left our meetings feeling inspired and excited to work on the next steps. Before, I didn’t have a clear marketing plan or an efficient sales process. Now, the systems and processes I learned have really helped me become more efficient and I am on track to reach my business goals.” – Cheryl Loh, Quirky Paper

And this is what Sondi Bruner, Holistic Nutritionist achieved from our coaching…

 “My business was scattered before I met Michela – I was heading in a million different directions, and none of them were taking me where I wanted to go! I felt like my wheels were spinning, and I couldn’t establish in my own head what I wanted, much less express it in a captivating manner to others. Michela helped me sharpen my focus and define who I am and what I have to offer, and guided me to take manageable actions that were invigorating and empowering. I was able to achieve more progress in my business than I had in the entire previous year.”

About Michela Quilici

International Business Growth Coach, Award-winning Marketing Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Forbes Coaches Council. Known as a Business Navigator, Michela works with growth-minded business owners, service professionals and CEOs who want to ignite their businesses and accelerate growth, while building a business aligned to who they are.

She is passionate about creating roadmaps that ignite leaders to take inspired action to navigate their growth on purpose using strategy, systems and self-leadership, so they can get noticed, get clients and get profitable.