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One of the common mistakes entrepreneurs and business owners make is to chase the hottest trends, rather than follow the tried and true paths to cash. There is so much focus on the ‘shiny and new’ that people often overlook the most obvious revenue channels that are right in front of them. Some of the…

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You’ve been refining your craft for a while now, but your business-traction is stalled. Your wheels are spinning with endless ideas, but none grab the pavement. Your enthusiastic pursuit of self-improvement and craft-refinement bring consistent personal fulfillment, but fail to create forward momentum toward your financial and leadership goals. It feels like you work 24/7, yet…

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I’ve noticed a set of common challenges that creative service professionals face when it comes to translating their expertise into a growing business. Some of the comments that come up in my business coaching practice are things like: “My work speaks for itself, I shouldn’t have to ‘sell’ myself” “I’m really good at what I do,…

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