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Meet Michela

If you’re not making a profit in the first three years in business, technically, your business is a hobby. There would be nothing wrong with that if you designed it that way. But, maybe you don’t want a hobby business; you are a change maker driven by making more impact. It’s one thing to start…

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It’s too easy to be swept along by life’s circumstances and to become reactionary rather than intentional. It feels safer to stay in our comfort zone and hide our authentic selves, rather than take steps toward our big vision. It takes courage and determination to be the creator of our destiny, to take personal responsibility…

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Karen is a visionary business leader who wants to make a bigger impact. She’s one of those passionate business owners who has a level of deep expertise that only develops after working for decades in her field. She has so much knowledge to share with the world. She has accumulated a ton of experience over…

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