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3 Secrets for Successful Consultation Conversations

You’re having a consultation conversation with a prospective client, and you believe that you’ve provided them with ample information for them to make an empowered decision to step into working with you. How do you feel when the person says, “Let me think about it…” or “I can’t afford it…”

Something hasn’t landed with what you’ve said to them. And it doesn’t feel very good.

You may be thinking, “What went wrong? What didn’t they get? They don’t value my expertise.”

So, here’s the thing, I know you are an expert in your field and I also know that you can spot the right solution for somebody a mile away when you hear the right trigger words. Am I right?

But, just because YOU know why they are having that problem and what solution is right for them, THEY might not know it yet. And that’s where you might be getting tripped up in the consultation conversation.

Simply telling them the solution is not going to inspire them to say YES to working with you. This is where the art and science of the sales conversation comes into play.

Here are 3 steps for enrolling your ideal clients, without stalls, objections or hassles.

Step 1: Give them what they want and deliver what they need.

When you are crystal clear about what you are really selling, this will be a total paradigm shift that will change how you show up and what you say in your business. Changing this one habit alone will exponentially increase your results.

Remember that people buy transformation not information. They buy outcomes that result in change. You are selling results or transformation or change of some kind.

Step 2: Stop chasing target markets and start magnetizing qualified buyers.

The two key components that compel clients to jump at the chance to work with you are motivation and urgency.

When somebody is in enough pain, and is tired of tolerating their suffering, they are motivated to find a solution, urgently. These are your qualified buyers, and the people who will jump at the chance to work with you and pay you what you’re worth.

Know the difference between your IDEAL CLIENT and your QUALIFIED BUYER.

Ideal clients are people you want to help because you know they suffer from a problem that you can solve, and qualified buyers are people who know they have a problem and are ready to do something about it.

Step 3: Understand your buyer and where they are in the buying process.

Psychologists agree that human beings go through stages before they become advocates of a new idea or concept. Your customer will go through 6 Levels of Interest before they become an advocate of your product or service. Each level of interest identifies how accepting a person is to doing business with you. I go into a lot more detail about the 6 levels of interest in my eBook (Stop Giving it All Away and Start Getting your Clients to Say Yes) and how to recognize where your prospect is — so that you don’t jump the gun on the one hand, or underestimate their readiness to buy. So be sure to sign up for my email list and I will send it to you – as a free gift.

Ideally, you ONLY want to have consultations with a qualified buyer who is motivated and planning to make a change about their situation. If the prospect doesn’t know (or think) they have a problem or if they are not in a state of thinking about taking action to solve that problem – they are not ready to make a buying decision. (They can be placed into your nurturing campaign until they become ready.)

Questions for reflection:

  • People buy when they are ready. Are you chasing target markets or magnetizing qualified buyers?
  • People by transformation, not information. How much time do you spend talking about your process, system or modality versus the outcome, transformation and change your clients experience when they work with you?
  • People like to be led. How well are you establishing yourself as the Expert Consultant and leading the consultation conversation with a prospect?

I have a relentless passion for helping people be seen and heard and I navigate mission-driven business owners to stop giving it all away and start getting clients to say YES! My work with business owners gets them focused on the right marketing and business development activities to gain more exposure, generate qualified leads and double their revenue with much less effort.

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