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Meet Michela

Ninotchka Vicini

I sought out a business coach because I felt unclear about the direction, I was moving in professionally. I felt so inspired and yet stuck at the same time. As if I was driving a car with the gas and the brake on at the same time. Michela skillfully created a place for me to land my ideas in. Week after week we met, and she listened attentively. As she reflected my ideas and vision, we created a map together. A map that made sense to me in the micro/macro sense. And I was able to prioritize my actions related to the broad-spectrum of my goals.

Michela has an enormous amount of business knowledge coupled with warm friendly disposition. I have a clear direction that has emerged and joyfully engage with it every day.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and know that I can enlist her support and guidance in the future. I would highly recommend working with Michela not only was it a worthwhile investment in myself. I had a really good time problem solving. A truly collaborative experience.

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