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Meet Michela

Susana D. Chui, M.Eng, P.Eng, PE

For the past seven years, Michela has served as my dedicated business coach. The decision to actively seek guidance in this professional capacity was initially unfamiliar to me. As our business has grown, there is an increasing demand for expertise in the interpersonal skills arena— an area where, as a super introvert, I find myself lacking.

Michela provided me with valuable insights; I could see the pinch point in our business. Meticulously and systematically she identified and addressed the root issues with precision. I particularly value her pragmatic and no-nonsense approach to resolving our challenges. There is no guesswork; the expectation is clear, and the results are anticipated. From time to time Michela also gave our team the soft skills training that is tailored to our team. Each session deepened the understanding within my team, fostering personal growth and enhancing team dynamics. The valuable insights gained from every interaction are palpable in the evident enlightenment of my teammates.

Upon reflection, I acknowledge that sustaining the business seamlessly would have been challenging without Michela’s invaluable insights. Her ability to illuminate aspects I couldn’t discern has been instrumental. She functions as a strategic guide, akin to a copilot checking blind spots and preventing potential pitfalls. Michela’s profound understanding of her expertise instills confidence, and her  consistent support is a source of reassurance for our endeavours.

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