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Meet Michela

Regina Carey, M. Ed.

Navigating the complexities of business can be daunting. Initially, I was entangled in my own ambitious ideas, losing sight of my goals amidst endless possibilities. Feeling drained and directionless, I preferred spontaneity over rigid plans in my marketing approach.

Through our collaboration, I experienced a transformative shift. With Michela’s guidance, I regained clarity and confidence, refining my offerings and targeting the ideal client. Together, we seamlessly connected speaking engagements to client acquisitions, implementing effective pricing strategies.

The results were remarkable—securing new clients at higher price points than ever before. Michela’s tailored approach provided invaluable focus and empowered decision-making aligned with my business values.

Working with Michela was like calling AAA for my business—a vital support in navigating entrepreneurship’s challenges. If you’re seeking seasoned guidance to streamline your efforts, reach out to Michela without hesitation.

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