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Growth and Comfort Can’t Ride the Same Horse

“Growth and Comfort Can’t Ride the Same Horse.”

It’s a lesson that holds true for all of life.

What we want most will always require embracing discomfort and taking action despite our fear that we’ll fail or fall on our face.

In the end, there is no substitute for courage, no shortcut to bravery.

To become the person you most need to be and create the life you most yearn to live, you must be willing to do the things that scare you.

Again and again and again.

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About Michela Quilici

Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is an International business growth + marketing expert. She is commonly referred to as a Business Navigator, because she has a gift for navigating 7-Figure CEOs, Business Owners and Business-to-Business Service Professionals to their next level of business growth, using strategy, systems and self-leadership.

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