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Focus. One Turn at a Time.

First thing’s first.


One turn at a time.

Focus your efforts on the next most important goal.

Accomplish things efficiently and effectively by doing them one at a time. Instead of splitting your energy outward, steer your horsepower in one direction.

This is the secret to establishing traction – sparking movement – and maintaining forward momentum. At each turn, your next priority will naturally roll into view, and the full force of your attention will be available and so become aware of what’s next.

If your business has stalled and you’re looking for more traction, here are eight ways to get a grip.

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About Michela Quilici

Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is an International business growth + marketing expert. She is commonly referred to as a Business Navigator, because she has a gift for navigating 7-Figure CEOs, Business Owners and Business-to-Business Service Professionals to their next level of business growth, using strategy, systems and self-leadership.

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