9. Ask For Suggestions And Recommendations

Why guess here? Get closer to your customers. Invite them to share their opinions. Find out what initially attracted them to your company’s products and services and what keeps them loyal buyers. Ask them for suggestions to help expand awareness of your brand. Then, ask if they’d personally commit to spreading their word-of-mouth recommendations to friends, business colleagues and extended family members. – Jay Steven LevinWinThinking

10. Center Messaging Around Differentiators

Brand awareness is only part of the equation. The other part is brand differentiation. What makes you different from countless global competitors and allows you to stand out from others? Once you can answer that question, you can start driving your message home to your potential customers through content, interviews and other means to be seen as the expert you are. – Jeff AltmanThe Big Game Hunter

11. Build Partnerships Within Your Market

Partner with businesses serving the same market. Share infographics, blog posts and guest articles. Be a podcast guest. Accept invitations to contribute to virtual summits and online communities. Help other businesses, and they’ll help you. – Christine RoseChristine Rose Coaching & Consulting

12. Seek Out Valuable Referrals

After more than 14 years of running my own business, one of the strategies I have learned is to maximize the value of a referral. I used to spend countless hours telling my story to whomever would listen, but I spend much more time now asking trusted clients and friends to connect me and refer me to others with whom I wish to work. Never underestimate the value of a referral from a trusted client. – Dan Ryanryan partners

13. Create A Following With Engaging Content

Expand your brand awareness and attract new customers by establishing your expertise and credibility through thought leadership. Create engaging content that can be openly shared across the social media channels connected with your brand. You will be able to build a following and expand your reach and impact, thereby expanding your customer base. – Jonathan H. Westover, Ph.DUtah Valley University & Human Capital Innovations, LLC

14. Highlight Solutions For Pain Points Via Social Media 

Social media is still underutilized yet very effective for building brand awareness. Toss out everything you thought you knew about your target customer. Ask them where they go on the internet, what they read, where they buy your products or services and who they think your competition is. Highlight your new customers’ pain points and how you provide the best solution at the best value. – Dana ManciagliJob Search Master Class

15. Own Your Area Of Expertise

Increase your brand awareness by claiming your category of expertise, sharing your unique point of view, and growing a loyal audience. Give your message a platform through speaking or writing, and amplify the impact of that message through leveraged channels. You will rise above the noise and be seen as an expert in your category, enabling you to quickly grow a captive audience of fans and customers. – Michela QuiliciMQ Consulting and Business Training, Inc.