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Sales is a science that has been studied and well defined (by people much smarter than me!) In this post, I share 7 simple steps to convert prospects into clients. This is a blueprint for creating sales activities that have the potential to increase your conversion rates from 40% to 85%.

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A confused person never buys. Customers never buy because of product or service features. They buy into the outcome, benefit and transformation that those features will give them once they consume your product or utilize your service. And that, in essence, is what you are actually selling them. You are selling the perceived value of…

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What do you think of when you hear the word sales? Does it make you excited, do you feel indifferent, or do you feel uncomfortable? Many people seem to feel uncomfortable around the word sales because so many people who try to sell do it poorly, giving the whole endeavor a bad name. Yet, without…

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