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What’s the difference between What you do v.s. Your job title?  Every month, there are 1.5 Million Google searches for Life, Business and Executive Coaches. So, how do you compete with 1000’s of people who do what you do? The main thing to know for new and established Coaches is…   People DON’T buy coaching,…

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A confused person never buys. Customers never buy because of product or service features. They buy into the outcome, benefit and transformation that those features will give them once they consume your product or utilize your service. And that, in essence, is what you are actually selling them. You are selling the perceived value of…

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Brand positioning, more than any other factor, determines your ability to attract qualified buyers, maintain their interest and, ultimately, land them as customers. In this article, I share my 7 steps to master brand positioning – because if your positioning is out of alignment, you’re missing countless opportunities for, both, paying customers and, in essence,…

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