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When you understand what leverage is, and how to use the power of leverage, it can change the trajectory of your business and help you grow your reach, visibility and credibility. Women Speakers Association is a powerful community that women who get involved rave about because of the extensive resources and ways to get seen,…

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Right now, things are shaky, in both the business world and the world as a whole, amidst the new coronavirus pandemic. Panic is contagious; but so is leadership. You may be asking yourself how this will affect your business. As a business owner myself, I have been asking this too. It’s time for business leaders to…

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At a certain point in your business building journey you reach a crossroads where you go from having created a nice little job for yourself, to wanting more. This is a pivotal moment when you feel like you’ve outgrown your current role as Freelancer or Solopreneur who gets paid by the hour (or by the…

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