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There are two big issues when it comes to marketing your services: The first is learning the strategies and tactics to attract clients. The second is all the issues that prevent us from taking action to attract clients.  Issues like the fear of being seen, not feeling confident about your messaging or thinking that you…

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As a recovering perfectionist, I haven’t been one to look back at my previous accomplishments to see how far I’ve come and celebrate those wins. Oh no. My modus operandi up until a few years ago had been to keep looking forward to all that I hadn’t yet accomplished and get down on myself for…

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Resistance is nothing more than fear. In my experience, the more fear I have about doing something in particular, the more I know and feel deep down inside that it’s probably a really important step that I need to take in order to grow personally, professionally – or both. The more important that ‘thing’ is,…

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