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Meet Michela

If you are like many of my clients who come to me for help, you have a vision for yourself and big dreams for your business, so much so that it can sometimes get overwhelming. The secret to business growth is about charting a course and taking action. You may be asking yourself one of…

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A brief chat between Michela Quilici and Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking and the Flow & Grow Expert Interviews podcast. In this episode, you will: Discover how Michela helps business owners and service professionals who want to accelerate their growth and scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures as well as systems for…

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Erika and her mom started a cleaning business, and like many entrepreneurs, they had an optimistic and excited outlook for the future. After a decade of working extremely hard, wearing all the hats and being exhausted and underpaid, they were almost ready to close their 6-figure business for good. Erika decided to get help, and…

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