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Meet Michela

The close of the holiday season can sometimes lead to the January blues, leaving business owners feeling drained and unmotivated. “I’m exhausted” are the words I’ve been hearing from business owners with alarming regularity this month.  The December push to hit end-of-year goals, wrap up outstanding projects, and complete the year on a high note…

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It is hard to believe that we’ve reached the halfway point of this year already! This year may have thrown a wrench in your plans. For some people, the goals they set on January 1st were out the window by March 15th. Perhaps like me, you’ve been taking time over the past few months to re-evaluate your business model and re-think…

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Erika and her mom started a cleaning business, and like many entrepreneurs, they had an optimistic and excited outlook for the future. After a decade of working extremely hard, wearing all the hats and being exhausted and underpaid, they were almost ready to close their 6-figure business for good. Erika decided to get help, and…

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