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Meet Michela

Ever wonder about the secret to becoming an iconic brand? Curious about how, for example, Ralph Lauren began as a colorful-tie salesman, and ultimately became… …“the most famous one-man brand on the planet” …“the fashion world’s reigning superpower” …“a dream-maker who has netted billions[?]” [1] There are many aspects of the secret, but you might be surprised to learn…

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You know what it’s like when you can’t ignore the longing in your heart and the whispers of your soul, right? Your best self, the part of you that only wants what’s best for your highest good is calling you forward to step into the next version of you. Every day you are shedding layers…

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Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies awards were published in Business in Vancouver. Hundreds of private companies across Canada compete for this designation, which evaluates their management skills and practices. While financial performance plays an obvious part in the benchmark for success, I’m interested in evaluating these companies from a marketing perspective by digging into the…

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