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In the age of social media, every professional has the opportunity to build and grow a strong personal brand. Like a corporate brand, your personal brand tells the world exactly what you stand for and showcases your skills and expertise. Many experts advise just being yourself when you’re determining what your brand should be, but…

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Guest post provided by: Andrea Shillington, Brands for the People If you’re a visionary entrepreneur who wants to make a positive difference then I invite you to consider that you’re more than an Entrepreneur–you’re a marketer. Even if this doesn’t feel natural to you, right away, I ask you to try this mindset on so…

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I recently discovered the motivating and inspirational work of Robin Fisher Roffer; author, speaker, brand strategist and CEO of Big Fish Marketing. Robin has provided the rocket fuel that has ignited the launch pad of dozens of brands all over the world. Presiding over a brand marketing firm and interactive agency, she develops brand building marketing…

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