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Meet Michela

Spread Your Wings and Soar

Sometimes we don’t realize we have wings until we leap over the edge of what we know and begin to soar into a new life. Imagine you have the capacity, skills and resources to create a different reality for yourself.

If you were brilliant at manifesting your new reality, what would you do differently today or tomorrow that you’re not doing now?

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About Michela Quilici

International Business Growth Coach, Award-winning Marketing Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Forbes Coaches Council, and Global Leader at Women Speakers Association. Known as a Business Navigator, Michela works with growth-minded business owners, service professionals and CEOs who want to accelerate growth and scale their business, while building a business aligned to who they are.

She is passionate about creating roadmaps that ignite leaders to take inspired action to navigate their growth on purpose using strategy, systems and self-leadership, so they can get noticed, get clients and get profitable.