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Paving Your Paradise and Owning Your Authentic Voice

If you want to re-write your story, learn how to SPEAK UP and to hone and OWN your authentic voice so you can live your truth and next level your life, you’ll want to tune in to episode #11 of Pave Your Paradise Podcast, hosted by Mandy Ross – International coach, yoga and meditation instructor and TV and Media Personality, on a mission to help people to live the life of their dreams.

In this episode, Mandy features Michela Quilici – Award-Winning Business Growth Coach, Author, Speaker and Self-Leadership Advocate. They discuss the importance of rituals, reveal some must-have tools for personal success, share many powerful mindset shifts for getting unstuck & SO Much MORE!

Episode show notes also include…

  • Her day’s first order of business (00:35)
  • Her waking inspiration (1:07)
  • The power of the RIGHT connections (2:36)
  • Michela’s powerful story (6:04)
  • Awareness of your inner voice (12:12)
  • Childhood Imprint, Adult Impact (14:48)
  • Speaking up (15:42)
  • Why you’re not progressing at work (23:47)
  • What your business really is (28:37)
  • What she wishes she knew when she started out (31:02)
  • Her daily habits for success (35:52)
  • Her morning routine (44:13)
  • One behavior she practices that can change your life (47:40)
  • Tapping into your inner voice (53:59)
  • The art of (and resources for) quieting the mind (57:12)
  • What’s piquing her curiosity (1:00:56)
  • Her failures and the powerful role they play in your life (1:05:31)
  • Overcoming perfectionism (1:08:45)
  • Band-Aids on bullet wounds (1:13:42)
  • Tools in your healing toolbox (1:16:16)
  • Her radical life shifting moment (1:17:50)
  • Having tough, honest conversations with yourself (1:21:35)
  • The key to experiencing ultimate empowerment (1:22:31)
  • A life changing book (1:23:10)
  • Quote she lives by (1:24:03)
  • What she’s grateful for right now (1:25:22)
  • The person she would LOVE to have lunch with (1:26:11)
  • Her guilty pleasures and foodie talk (1:26:18)
  • What paradise means to her (1:28:43)

Listen to the Pave Your Paradise podcast episode #11 here.

About Michela Quilici

Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is a business navigator, award-winning business growth coach and marketing strategist, speaker, International bestselling author, Forbes Coaches Council member, and creator and host of the Q Your Business Success podcast. She has a gift for navigating business owners, experts and service professionals to get noticed, get clients, and get profitable using strategy, systems, and self-leadership.

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