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Growing a Business vs. Looking for a Job

If you want to grow a thriving business you love, beware of this mindset trap, which will stop you dead in your tracks.growing your business

Remember this. You are already an expert at what you do best, so it’s time to stand up and be the expert you are. It’s all about how you position yourself.

If you are struggling to grow your client base and get those big contracts you deserve, it’s time to take a hard look at how you are positioning yourself in the world.

I have a client who came to me with a resume four pages long chock-full of multiple degrees, trainings and certifications, work experience some people in her field would be jealous of, and contracts with high profile organizations.  She is clearly an expert in her field, no question, hands down. When I asked her what her business practice was all about she talked to me about her credentials and rattled off some notable highlights from her resume. Hmmm, interesting – but what is it that she does exactly?

I asked her what her marketing and business growth challenges were. She said she’s unable to reach her audience, feels under-valued and unseen and wants to be recognized as an expert in her field internationally.

I can understand why she would be feeling frustrated that she’s not getting the recognition she deserves. She’s an expert, after all.

So, I asked her this question:

Are you growing a business, or looking for a job?

(pause for reflection)

After some digging, it turns out she offers highly targeted, very specialized wellness oriented programs to teachers working with people who have suffered from trauma. Whoa! Pretty powerful stuff!  I thought, why didn’t she position herself that way? That is how she should be talking about herself to prospective clients instead of pitching her resume.

This is simply a mindset shift.

Add to that some confidence in your abilities, the courage to talk about what you offer, and the knowledge about who is suffering from the problems your solution solves and away you go!

Mindset shift: Are you growing a business, or looking for a job?

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About Michela Quilici

International Business Growth Coach, Award-winning Marketing Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Forbes Coaches Council. Known as a Business Navigator, Michela works with growth-minded business owners, service professionals and CEOs who want to ignite their businesses and accelerate growth, while building a business aligned to who they are.

She is passionate about creating roadmaps that ignite leaders to take inspired action to navigate their growth on purpose using strategy, systems and self-leadership, so they can get noticed, get clients and get profitable.