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Entrepreneurship is a Mindset

I received some feedback from one of my business owner clients. She said that I’m “guiding her through a marketing plan that is changing the way she thinks and approaches her business.”

This is important because ‘Entrepreneurship is a mindset.’

I’d guess that you are an established and results-focused service professional, business owner or Entrepreneur growing your business primarily by word of mouth referrals. And you’ve been doing this… for years – and it’s worked pretty well. Perhaps your marketing has been inconsistent or non-existent. Referrals and word of mouth has gotten you clients and you’re making a decent living doing what you love, but sometimes it feels more like you’ve created a J.O.B. for yourself rather than a legitimate business. You are wearing too many hats and things are starting to fall through the cracks. Sound familiar? You’re at a cross roads and you need to decide if where you are is ‘good enough’ or ‘not enough’.

Maybe you want to serve more people OR different people (your ideal client), and you want to make more of an impact than you’re currently able to make. Maybe you want to double your revenue but don’t know how to do it in the time frame you want. Maybe you are ready to up level the type of client you work with but aren’t sure where to find them. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all of the marketing options and not sure about the next best steps for reaching your goals.

Good enough just became not enough.

Business growth is both an art and a science. Growing with purpose to the next level of business success definitely requires a solid strategy and a business plan (both of which I cover in my business coaching programs.) Having said that, it also requires one simple yet super profound mindset upgrade, which you might be ready for. And here it is…

It’s time for you to stop thinking like a business operator, and start thinking like a CEO.

Entrepreneurial success doesn’t depend on having more time or money (tip: you can leverage both of those things), but your success does depend on your ability to think differently. The type of thinking that got you where you are today isn’t the type of thinking that will propel you forward to your next level of growth.

If you were to think like the CEO of your business in this moment, what would you start doing and what would you stop doing in your business right now?

To your success,



p.s. I took this picture when I visited Cuba. These three ladies dressed up in traditional costumes are Entrepreneurs carrying baskets of handmade flower arrangements. As they walk to work, they attract lots of attention from passerby. They teach us that you have to look the part and act the part, no matter what you are selling.

p.p.s. My purpose is to ignite others into their own awareness, waking up the possibilities within themselves. Want to help? Please share this post on social media with your friends and colleagues.

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Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is an International business growth + marketing expert. She is commonly referred to as a Business Navigator, because she has a gift for navigating 7-Figure CEOs, Business Owners and Business-to-Business Service Professionals to their next level of business growth, using strategy, systems and self-leadership.

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