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16 Tips for Turning Your Business Setback Into a Comeback

When you experience a business setback in your career, don’t dwell on what went wrong and how you could have done things differently. Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial to making a comeback.

When you feel yourself slipping into a negative outlook, it’s important to have a go-to tactic for turning things around. Here are some tried and true recommendations from Forbes Coaches Council.

Members of Forbes Coaches Council offer tips on shedding negative thinking and bouncing back after a setback.


1. Remember That Mistakes Are Part Of The Journey

Shift your mindset to change your outlook. If you are growing a business, then setbacks and mistakes are part of the journey and are an inevitable part of the discovery process. Have confidence that whatever path you may be on is exactly where you should be. Remember there is no failure; only failed attempts that result in learning. – Michela Quilici, MQ Consulting and Business Training, Inc.

2. Understand That Your Perception Becomes Your Reality

Reality is not what “it is” rather than what we “think it is.” Our perception is conditioned by thoughts we choose to think. Over time I have trained myself to change the pre-existing framework to escape “the box” and to see the situation from a different standpoint. I granted myself permission to practice redefining any setback or mistake as a previously not seen opportunity to learn and to grow. – Kasia Jamroz, CPCC, ACC, Conscious Leading Solutions L.L.C

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Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is an International business growth + marketing expert. She is commonly referred to as a Business Navigator, because she has a gift for navigating 7-Figure CEOs, Business Owners and Business-to-Business Service Professionals to their next level of business growth, using strategy, systems and self-leadership.

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