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You’ve been refining your craft for a while now, but your business-traction is stalled. Your wheels are spinning with endless ideas, but none grab the pavement. Your enthusiastic pursuit of self-improvement and craft-refinement bring consistent personal fulfillment, but fail to create forward momentum toward your financial and leadership goals. It feels like you work 24/7, yet…

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I received this testimony from one of my business owner clients. She said that I’m “guiding her through a marketing plan that is changing the way she thinks and approaches her business.” This is important because Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Established and results-focused service professionals and Entrepreneurs come to me when they are ready to take…

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“Get out of the weeds of your business, to gain a fresh perspective.” When you grow a business, there are six main roadblocks to business growth that present themselves. (More on this in a different post.) And whenever a new client comes to me, it’s an indication that they’ve hit one or more of these…

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