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Meet Michela

Women are the changemakers. Someone is waiting to hear your message and that’s why we are here… to help you build that foundation to amplify your message. The vision of Women Speakers Association (WSA) is that every woman stands in her truth without feeling the need to hide. They want to propel your message and…

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Having this passion, mission, and message, however, does not guarantee that you’ll be a huge success as a speaker or that you’ll have the impact you dream of. There are several factors that lend themselves to speaker success. First there is your emotional state, then there is your message clarity and plan to get your…

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The playwright, William Shakespeare, once said, “All the World’s a Stage.” That is certainly true for women in business and Entrepreneurs. Every day we are on stage – and that stage can be a meeting, an interaction with a client, phone call, email, or networking event. A stage can also be an introduction, a speech,…

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