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It’s that magical time of year again. That subtle shift in the air, the days growing longer, and the Sun blessing us with its radiant energy – the start of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, meanwhile, our friends down south are cozying up for winter. It’s a beautiful reminder of the cyclical nature…

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I recently attended the 11th Annual Small Business BC Awards held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. As written in their literature, the SBBC Awards recognize and celebrate the important contributions BC’s entrepreneurs make to their local communities and the global economy. Since its inception in 2003, over 2,300 entrepreneurs have participated, vying to…

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I’ve been thinking about the concept of inspirational stories and pondering questions like: What makes something more, or less, inspiring than something else? Why are people inherently drawn to stories of inspiration? What do people actually mean when they utter the words, “That was so inspiring!” after hearing a talk or reading a book? I…

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