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Meet Michela

Nafissa Shireen

Before working with Michela, I found myself facing a huge change in my business and professional life that left me with a lot of concepts swirling in my head, and while I knew intuitively what I wanted to do, and my internal clarity was unfolding, I did not have the external communication clarity that would resonate with my ideal client. Through her systematic and structured approach, I was able to quickly articulate what it was I did, with a clear message to a market that fit like a glove, along with a structured and easy to implement marketing plan. Completely committed to your success, she is equal parts champion, coach, friend, and “velvet gloved” task master. She will cheer you on, lift you up when you need it, be an ear to listen, and most importantly, gently but firmly keep you on track and out of your own way.

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