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Meet Michela

Joss Frank

As the first time launching my business I felt very confused about how to present myself and all of my content in the best way. Michela was able to organize all of my information and clarify what my message was. I was a bit overwhelmed with wanting to say everything and target everyone. She helped me define my services in a way I could not have done on my own. She also helped me write my story and gave me awesome business advice to use throughout my launch. What I value most about working with Michela is her experience and insight. She was also able to share with me clients who produced work in a similar area as mine which was super inspiring. The fact that I have a website with all my organized content is something that seemed unreachable a few months ago! I feel like my time with Michela was so motivational getting me to finally move forward and make everything a reality! Highly recommend.

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