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Meet Michela

April Qureshi

I was looking for a trusted advisor to help me create a strategic growth plan for my coaching and speaking business. I’d been going at it alone and quickly realized that I needed the accountability and expertise Michela could provide as a business coach.

Michela helped sharpen my vision into a super-focused and clear path. She made it easy for me to build a personal identity and initial brand that speaks to my ideal clients. Her marketing and sales advice suited my personality and allowed me to be authentic in my messaging.

Michela is a dynamo at bringing synergy to ideas and merging them into a solid plan of action aligned with purpose and intention. Michela is down-to-earth, energetic and has your best interests at heart.

Michela helped me move forward faster and with less distraction. I hit my targets, increased my reach and closed more deals. I learned where I was holding myself back and developed the confidence to become the person I need to be as a high-performance woman leader.

Michela is a master at bringing nebulous ideas down to earth and into a business structure that sets the path to success. She is a mastermind and my co-pilot as I navigate the uncomfortable but necessary changes for business growth.

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