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Meet Michela

Anita Russell

As I think about individuals who have helped me to grow myself and my business, the first name to enter my mind is Michela Quilici. In a word Michela is a gem. As my business coach, the biggest asset Michela brings to the table is her ability to meet me where I am—but not leave me there. When I started working with her as my sales navigation coach I was in desperate need of 3 things: fundamental knowledge of sales strategy, thinking and operating as a CEO, and managing the flow from vision to planning and execution with my virtual team. Michela delivered not only as a business expert, but also as someone who actually cares about the success of my business. I now have a sales strategy in place and have completely re-envisioned myself in the role of CEO of The Place to SOAR. And the boost in my confidence was a bonus!

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