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If you want to captivate and inspire your audience with practical strategies and simple tips to stand out, build business, and create success then I am the speaker for you. I have stage presence, passion and a motivational message that I share from the heart to empower and inspire women in business to step into their own power, get out of their own way, and take action toward their goals.

Popular Presentations

Getting to YES! 3 Steps to Enroll your Ideal Clients, without Stalls, Objections or Hassles

Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to ‘sell’ in your business? If so, you’re not alone. Nobody wants to be a salesy weirdo. It takes determination and skill to easily attract the right clients without being salesy. The problem is that without mastering the art and science of the sales conversation, you can struggle for years, and never quite achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

In Getting to YES, Michela demonstrates 3 key practices that will take you from where you are now, to blooming to the next level of your brilliance and business excellence.

You will walk away with:

  • Key factors for growing more quickly and purposefully in your business
  • Practical ways to change the bad habits that are preventing your potential clients from saying yes to working with you
  • Powerful tips to stop falling into the most common traps that are causing you to leave money on the table
  • A paradigm shift so you can stop chasing and start magnetizing your clients

These 3 steps can be applied to any business owner regardless of whether you are in the start-up, growth or leverage stage of your business journey.

Value Your Worth: 3 Practices for Honoring Yourself, Being Appreciated and Respected by Your Clients, and Getting the Profits You Deserve 

Have you ever felt shaky about the value of what you offer? If so, welcome to the human condition. It takes great courage and know-how to really own your value and communicate that in a way people “get it”. The problem is that without it, you can flounder for years never really achieving your dreams.

In Value Your Worth, you’ll discover 3 key practices that will take you from not being seen, valued or respected to being appreciated, empowered and profitable.

You will walk away with:

  • Two key factors for valuing and honoring yourself to earn what you’re worth
  • The most practical way to show up in your power, so you can influence, motivate and inspire others
  • Three powerful tips for leading from within, to be the CEO of your life and business
  • A paradigm shift so you can get off the ‘reaction’ treadmill, and start responding with purposeful action

These 3 key practices can be applied to any business owner regardless of whether you are in the start-up, growth or leverage stage of your business journey.

Michela Quilici is an International business growth + marketing expert. She has a relentless passion for helping people be seen and heard; helping them do the personal and professional development work they need to gain more exposure, magnetize qualified buyers, and double revenues with much less effort.

Past speaking engagements

  • Women Talk Vancouver
  • The Best Kept Secret to Success in Life, Love & Business
  • Big Leap Bootcamp Live Event with Petra Mayer
  • Capilano University Continuing Studies & Executive Education
  • eWomenNetwork International Conference & Business Expo, Managing Directors Summit
  • A Frock-alicious Life is Calling
  • Whistler Chamber of Commerce
  • Valley Women’s Network Tri-City Chapter
  • Women’s Enterprise Centre
  • Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, Brand U Vancouver
  • Mom CEO Academy Vancouver
  • Communication Mastery Meetup
  • eWomenNetwork Snohomish County Washington Chapter
  • Flüff Designs and Decor
  • Soiree Lounge
  • Mom CEO Academy North Vancouver
  • eWomenNetwork Vancouver Chapter Living Brave Success Summit
  • HOBN North Vancouver
  • CRAVE Vancouver

What people are saying

“Michela is a passionate speaker with a presentation style that is motivational, inspirational and practical. She understands and addresses the needs of the event planner and the audience, to deliver a presentation that fulfills event objectives and audience expectations. Michela appeals to all types of learners and has a unique ability to combine strategic business advice with proven concepts leaving the audience with a shift in perspective AND actionable takeaways to implement in their life and business right away. She not only demonstrates and enrols others, she teaches outcome-based results.”

Jo Dibblee, Founder & CEO Frock Off, Inc.

“Michela gave great value during her presentation and everyone walked away with something practical to put into practice immediately! I have also heard back from people to whom she gifted a free coaching call and they were all pleased.”

Tracey Warren, Managing Director eWomenNetwork Snohomish County Chapter

“Michela is a very engaging speaker whose touching personal story emphasized the drive and integrity that she brings to her business. Her effective delivery style is engaging, full of valuable info and keeps the audience captive throughout her presentation. She delivers her message with elegance, professionalism and heart. A very knowledgeable marketing consultant, Michela walks the talk and brings her razor focus and expertise to positive effect on her clients’ business. A real treat!”

Francesca Anastasi, FA Consulting and Training

“It was such a pleasure to have Michela present to our group. I have interviewed business coaches in the past but never felt confident that I would gain value in working with them. I can honestly say that in the short 2 hour session we had I, along with the other attendees, learned so much. We all left with clarity about where our business needed attention and also tools to create success. The information was concise, well presented and on topic for what we needed. Thank you so much.”

Patti Houston, Owner Flüff Designs and Decor Ltd.

“Michela’s presentation really had me captivated. Her ideas motivate you to want to get out there and build your business, and her simple tips and strategies teach you how to stand out amongst others. If you’re a self-starter or just looking to grow your business, Michela’s tailored advice will ensure you are receiving a maximum return on your business potential.”

Aliza Virani, Special Events Manager at Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club

“From the pre-event email I had received to the networking event execution, Michela was inspirational, motivating and incredibly knowledgeable in her field of expertise. I knew instantly that I must have her come in and speak to my business associates. And, she did. When I asked my networking group about their thoughts on her topic and presentation, I wasn’t surprised to hear that they found her to be very helpful in gaining an understanding on how to grow their business using networking. Michela, you are brilliant and I can’t thank you enough for coming and speaking to my group. More so, I am looking forward to having you come back and share your wealth of knowledge and expertise with us again.”

Kim Trehan, Principal Planner at Soiree Planners

“I connected with Michela after hearing her speak at a conference I was attending.  I instantly felt an affinity with her as she spoke at the conference.  Listening to her story and why she does what she does, her struggles became her strengths and how she has funneled them into helping other entrepreneurs move forward in their business.  Our similar passion for dance tells me of her natural creativity which she brings to her coaching and understands other creative artists.”

Lisa Meikle, Bodacious Living by Lisa

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, contact me and I would love to explore the possibilities with you.

Hire Michela For Speaking Opportunities

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